Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree – Shearing & Pruning at The Rocks

Chances are your thoughts are far from the chilly days of winter as you enjoy summer… but at The Rocks Estate, Christmas and Christmas trees are always on our minds!

Trimming the top...
In July and August our staff is busy in the field, basal pruning and shearing our thousands of fir trees by hand. Pruning and shearing help ensure that our trees grow into the lovely symmetrical Christmas trees our customers look for come the holidays.

We start shearing – shaping each tree by trimming its sides, and cutting buds from the top whorl to prevent multiple top branches – the first week of July. With more than 50,000 trees growing in our fields, it takes us all summer, right through to September, to complete this job.  

...and the bottom.
When a tree has been in the field for three years, we also basal prune, cutting the lower branches to a height of 6- to 10-inches from the ground. This allows better air flow around the tree, which helps prevent disease. It also ensures that the lower branches are not broken or twisted and the trees are not shaken when we mow between rows. And, of course, it allows a smooth “handle” for the customer to place the Christmas tree stand come tree trimming time!

With a weather cycle of rain followed by high heat this summer, we’ve also been doing extra mowing around our trees. So, rest assured, we’re looking out year-round for your future Christmas trees and making sure they grow up fragrant and beautiful!


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The trick is to trim from the bottom up, remember that! Its fantastic, the amount of customer care you take into consideration.

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