Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tree trimming tips from The Rocks

There are as many ways to trim a tree as there are Christmas trees. There are sparkling  trees, color-themed trees, and trees filled with a hodgepodge of cherished family ornaments. Tinsel, garland, white lights, colored lights. Topped with a star or an angel or Santa Claus.

The beauty of a Christmas tree is really in the eye – and the heart – of the beholder.

If you want to add a fresh, personal touch to your tree this Christmas, homemade ornaments are fun to make and can be eco-friendly, too. A few ideas:
* Snowflakes cut from recycled paper (plain, colored, or patterned)
* Holiday ribbons tied to pinecones (which could be natural or dipped in glitter) or around cinnamon sticks (which add a touch of spice to your tree)
* Old Christmas cards cut into shapes and hung with ribbon
* Garlands strung with popcorn, cranberries, and dried apples

The first step to a beautiful tree, of course, is keeping your farm fresh Christmas tree, well, fresh! When your Christmas tree was cut, over half its weight was water, so the most important thing to do is keep that tree watered. Here are some tips for maintaining your tree’s freshness throughout the holiday season:

* Before you set your tree in its stand, make a fresh cut in the trunk, about ½-inch from the bottom.
* Place your tree in water as soon as you can and make sure the reservoir of your tree stand stays filled – the base of your tree should stay submerged to ensure it does not dry out.
* Try to keep your Christmas tree away from heating sources like fireplaces, radiators, and heating vents – and out of direct sunlight – to prevent drying.
* Miniature tree lights (LED lights are most energy efficient) produce less heat than larger lights, and therefore less drying.
* Finally, when the holidays have passed and you’re ready to recycle your Christmas tree, visit www.realchristmastrees.org to find out more about recycling options. (Christmas trees should NEVER be burned in a fireplace or wood stove, as doing so can cause excessive creosote buildup and lead to chimney fires!)

Need more tree care tips? Visit the New Hampshire Christmas Trees website for more information. 

P.S. Just a reminder that the last day to order your Christmas tree online is December 12th if you live outside of New England and December 18th if you live within the New England region!


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